• How to grow capsicum

    How to grow capsicum

Capsicum 'Botinecka Zuta' - Medbury Gardens

Details  This heirloom sweet variety originates from the Balkan region, a Hungarian cheese-type. Medium-late heavy producer of yellow fruit, upward-pointing. This is a yellow chilli is used for paprika and stuffing, can be fully ripened to a deeper orange/red colour. The pods grow to a size of 50mm long by 60mm wide, the plant grows to a height of 60cm.Botanical name  Capsicum annuumPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  30 seeds
Capsicum 'Mallard' - Medbury Gardens

Capsicum 'Mallard' - Medbury Gardens

Details  A red capsicum which has been grown by Tony Mallard ,a well known market gardener from CHCHBotanical name  Capsicum annuumPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  30 seeds

Capsicum Czech Beauty- Nevile Sinclair

Details  Purple flowers, Purple fruit ripen red. Thumb-sized, they are big on flavour.Sow indoors in early Spring. I now germinate my frost-sensitive species on a purpose-built compost heap, in our glass house. (Capsicums require soil to be 15C. to germinate.) I grow the resulting plants outdoors once the frost danger has diminished. Czech Beauty is a reliable performer, in our Scargill climate, where growing-season temperatures can fluctuate widely.
Botanical name  Capsicum AnnuumPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  30 seeds