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Very old perennial cabbage

Very old perennial cabbage

Details  A perennial cabbage taken as a cutting from a 50+year old plant which according to the woman who had grown it for most of her life has never flowered there for has never produced seed.
Picked leaf at a time year round, winter hardy, needs to be net covered in summer to stop white butterfly.
To grow cuttings place them on there sides half sticking out, best use a compost/sand mix during the cooler times of years,summer time has shown to be a difficult time of year to grow these cuttings

The number of unrooted cutting sections has been reduced to one which already have roots, because of the lack of success many costumers had not getting them to grow, it was best to have them sent out ready to grow instead as well as sent by courier as standard posting takes to long, many have arrived rotten in past orders.

Botanical name  Brassica oleraceaPrice per packet  $10.00Packet contents  One rooted stem section