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Nev's shell out pea
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Gooseberry - Farmers Glory - Four Peaks Paddocks

Details  This Gooseberry grows oval green shaped fruit 3-5 cm tall, 2-4 cm wide. If ripened in direct sun, they gain a level of reddish blush and develop a strong ripe flavour indicative of the sun ripening.  If ripened out of the sun, perhaps sheltered by surrounding unmown grass can retain the green colour, and a less overpowering flavour that has a purer gooseberry experience.  These seeds are saved from WHATEVER VARIETY and can be germinated into individual plants without the need to order in lots of potentially expensive grafted individual plants.  These seeds are promiscuously crossed with whatever the pollinating insects bring them, and while they will likely produce a standard gooseberry, there is a chance you'll end up with something unique.Botanical name  Ribes uva-crispaPrice per packet  $4.00Packet contents  30 seeds
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Nev's shell out pea

Details  Grown by Nev for about 30 years which they grow mainly for making hummus. Grows about 30 cm tall and is a productive peaBotanical name  Pisum sativumPrice per packet  $4.00Packet contents  30 seeds
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