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Sunflowers - Giant Russian - Medbury Gardens

Sunflowers - Giant Russian - Medbury Gardens

Details  Grows to 2.5m with large heads.The selection work that has gone in to this line of sunflowers has been where any plant that grew side shoots was pulled out, once the plants have reached maturity i look for those that have wide stumps which handle wind best along wind, also seed heads that face vertical down so as to stop birds get at the seed.Botanical name  Helianthus annuusPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  approx 30

Gladiolus (surprise mix) Medbury Gardens

Details  Four years of growing from seed has produced a range of different colours seen in the following album -

Seed is from these flowers and will again produce new combinations hence why its named 'surprise mix'.
Botanical name  GladiolusPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  100
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Details  A feathery green plant 20-40cm tall that flowers in the spring producing a mass of white-yellow flowers somewhat resembling poached eggs, resulting in the plant being called the poached egg plant.  The bees love it, and it vigourously self-seeds, spreading out to fill a garden bed.  Will die off in the summer, and then the dropped seeds will sprout around autumn producing the feathery green plants, and they'll cover the ground over the winter producing flowers again in the spring.Botanical name  Limnanthes albaPrice per packet  $4.00Packet contents  40
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