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Broad Bean - 41NS8 - El Beano
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Capsicum - 11NS13 - Czech Beauty

Details  Purple flowers, Purple fruit ripen red. Thumb-sized, they are big on flavour.Sow indoors in early Spring. I now germinate my frost-sensitive species on a purpose-built compost heap, in our glass house. (Capsicums require soil to be 15C. to germinate.) I grow the resulting plants outdoors once the frost danger has diminished. Czech Beauty is a reliable performer, in our Scargill climate, where growing-season temperatures can fluctuate widely.
Botanical name  Capsicum AnnuumPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  30 seedsGrower name  Nev&Sue Sinclair

Bean Feast - 40NS6 - dwarf bean

Details  Flavourful, flat podded, white-seeded bean, the best flavoured dwarf bean we have ever grown. I have been saving this variety from oblivion since about 1974.Botanical name  Phaseolus VulgarisPrice per packet  $4.00Packet contents  30Grower name  Nev&Sue Sinclair

Corn - 85NS26 - Kascade Korn

Details  The original kascade korn plants commenced life here in Scargill, in the early 80s.They grow well in our climate and under our organic regime. They are open pollinated, offering the advantage of you being able to reproduce your own seed for subsequent seasons. They are not as sweet as the super sweet types that people have got used to, but are delicious and very sustaining.Botanical name  Zea MaysPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  50 seedsGrower name  Nev&Sue Sinclair

Tomato - 13NS73 - Sub-Arctic Maxi.

Details  Early-cropping bush tomato, these are the earliest-fruiting tomatoes that I've ever had the pleasure of growing.No pruning, no staking; ultra easy care.Botanical name  Lycopersicon EsculentumPrice per packet  $4.00Packet contents  30Grower name  Nev&Sue Sinclair

Tomato - 19NS75 - Japanese Black Trifele.

Details  Pear-shaped fruit that are a strange red/orange/purple colour with very good taste. Strong, vigourous plants, that should be allowed to carry 3 or 4 leaders. So put in several stakes for each plant. Excellent yields.Botanical name  Lycopersicon Esculentum10Price per packet  $4.00Packet contents  30Grower name  Nev&Sue Sinclair

Broad Bean - 41NS8 - El Beano

Details  pure white  flowers. The pods enclose beans that are SWEET, and which remain GREEN once cooked. Try raw. These broad beans are my own selection, from possibly a random mutation, over 35 years ago. That original, pure white- flowered specimen caught my eye. I much preferred the flavour and colour of its beans, over others. I think you will, too. Kids love them raw,and as such they are wonderful in salads. In colder parts of the South Island and Inland North Island you dont want to sow broad beans between March and and early May if plants are over 10cm tall, heavy frosts will damage or kill. Plants under this size handle frosts well.
Botanical name  Vicia FabaPrice per packet  $4.00Packet contents  30Grower name  Nev&Sue Sinclair

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