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True SiberianKale "True Siberian"
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Turnip "Scarlet" - Medbury Gardens

Turnip "Scarlet" - Medbury Gardens

Details  Red turnip with hairless red veined leaves. Bred from a three way cross of red and purple turnips selected for vigour and hardiness. Genetically diverse strain that is currently being selected for slow bolting also, this is done by sowing in Sep and pulling the first 50% that produce flower stem, the remaining are left for seed production.

Botanical name  Brassica rapa var rapaPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  80 seeds

Kale "Red Ursa"- Four Peaks Paddocks

Details  Combines the broadleaf frills of Siberian kale with the colour of Red Russian. Great raw flavour for salads. Bolting purple stems of over wintered plants are very sweet, perfect for stir frying.

Botanical name  Brassica napusPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  60
Kale "True Siberian"

Kale "True Siberian"

Details  A Siberian type highly productive hardy kale. Tolerates weather and water logged soil better than most other kales. Plants are vigorous and large.
Seed harvested Feb 2017

Botanical name  Brassica napusPrice per packet  $3.00Packet contents  60

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